Dr. Anjannette Price

Chiropractor & Personal Trainer

Growing up as an athlete playing basketball and running track, Anjannette became a part of the health and fitness industry by first becoming an integrative personal trainer during her undergraduate years. During this time, she was introduced to a number of frustrated individuals in pain, from the desk worker lacking body awareness to the cyclist involved in a motor vehicle collision. Their struggles to find real results to manage their pain was why Anjannette decided to pursue a career in Upper Cervical chiropractic, where the root cause of a condition is addressed by way of the nervous system.

Anjannette attended Life Chiropractic College West where she graduated with honors and received her Doctorate in Chiropractic.  At her healing studio in the Mission district of San Francisco and at her Personal Training studio in the SoMa district, she continues her pursuit to serve pain sufferers through Upper Cervical care and fitness.

To give back, Anjannette helps teach in a Knee Chest Upper Cervical training program that gives chiropractic students and other chiropractic doctors the education and skills to use this special technique. Anjannette is one of only 1200 Upper Cervical chiropractors worldwide. You see, there aren’t many doctors out there, whether medical or chiropractic, that work outside the allopathic model, and it’s when we start looking at the whole person that healing commences.

Our philosophy is the power of your body heals the body. That’s the nervous system. And we’re teaching more and more doctors how to do this. Pretty cool.