At your first visit, be ready to step into a relaxing oasis where you are the primary focus.  During this first visit is when we get to know you – your health goals, your past and previous injuries and conditions, family history, previous experience with health and wellness, as well as your overall ideal lifestyle plans. During this session, it is your role to simply be you, and our role is to listen. 

This first visit is about 45 minutes. In addition to getting to know you, we may refer you out for specialized x-rays critical for the optimization of this care, and therefore, of your healing. This session is $200 plus x-rays, which range from $60-$150. We also measure the function of your nervous system. It is during your next visit that we review your findings and deliver your first adjustment.

Moving forward, visits take about 30 minutes, and the cost is determined by our findings and the amount of care needed. We also offer sliding scale because, at SFUCC, health is a right, not a privilege. We don’t want cost to be the determining reason to not receive the healing care you deserve.