San Francisco Chiropractor Upper Cervical

Precise Digital Radiology

At SFUCC, we utilize precise digital pictures of the upper cervical spine. Due to the precision required, these film are referred out. This is critical in allowing the most specific evaluation so the most accurate adjustment can be delivered. It determines where to adjust.

Computerized Thermography

This advanced technology is a non-invasive diagnostic tool. It gives a precise and objective reading that measures nervous system function. It not only determines if the nervous system is interfered, but it actually determines when to adjust. It allows us to focus on your entire body, not just symptoms, to promote actual healing.

San Francisco Chiropractor Upper Cervical
San Francisco Chiropractor Upper Cervical care

The Adjustment Specific

SFUCC utilizes the very specific technique of Upper Cervical Knee Chest. This very precise and individualized adjustment focuses on removing nervous system interference at the level of the brainstem, which is located at the upper part of the neck, allowing the Nervous System to heal naturally, thus promoting optimal communication between the brain and body.

How All This Benefits You

In the medical field today, the concept of healing and getting better are dictated by medication and surgery. Using the resources listed above, Upper Cervical promotes healing by taking care of your whole person, and not just the symptoms, so your symptoms don’t come back, you need less care, and so you can live a comfortable and thriving pain-free life.