Dr. Anjanette is superior. Not only is she super thorough with her work, she keeps you updated if he schedule changes or if you need to go elsewhere for x-rays. I’m only half way through my treatment, but I can honestly say, after each visit (even though they’re short) - I feel 10x better. I’m glad I’m taking care of my body now rather than ignoring it. Highly highly recommend 👍🏽

Jennifer HornsbyUpper Cervical Chiropractic Client

Fantastic experience. Prior to my initial visit I was apprehensive. I thought I might be turned away due to my circumstances being somewhat unique and I was fearful that Dr Price wasn't going to be able to help. I was wrong!

Dr Price's professional care and understanding made me feel immediately at ease. Over the course of about a year, in which I typically made weekly visits, I felt a significant improvement. I'm super thankful to have received regular spinal adjustments and check-ins with Dr Price.

Don't hesitate, book an appointment now.

Tony FerreiraUpper Cervical Chiropractic Client

I came to see Dr. Price after my car accident a couple months ago. I was getting a lot of brain fog, neck pain, vertigo and vision flickering. She diligently sent me to do an X-ray before deciding on a treatment. As of today, most of my symptoms have subsided. My posture feels more stable while working at my desk - i also do not get neck pain anymore which is a weird change. I recommend this doctor if you are suffering from similar symptoms! She is very caring about her patients.

Fabien M. PierronnetUpper Cervical Chiropractic Client

I have major alignment issues that have gotten worse over years. I’ve seen different chiropractors and never really felt like they were trying to figure out the underlying issues until I met Dr. Price. She had me do X-rays before doing any type of work, and gave me a full analysis of my issues with a plan to help fix them. Although it will take a while to completely fix, I’ve been going to her for almost 2 months and I can feel the improvements that have already been made. I am much more aware of my posture and neck support than I’ve ever been, and Dr. Price regularly gives me advise on exercises I can implement to help with my recovery. She’s been super great!

Jackie OndatjeUpper Cervical Chiropractic Client

Dr. Price is absolutely amazing. She is extremely knowledgeable and great at what she does. As a medical provider myself, I highly recommend her services. I have chronic neck pain due to both trauma and degenerative arthritis and she helped me when I thought no one could. Highly recommend!

Jasmine JarrardUpper Cervical Chiropractic Client

I have been seeing Dr. Anjannette Price for two months now and I’ve never felt better! After my first couple sessions my neck pain had completely went away and has not came back! Good prices and great environment.

Ashley LeBaronUpper Cervical Chiropractic Client