Today, we are going to talk about something that is SO important to keep your powerful, bodies STRONG and healthy. What we are going to talk about is synergy, people! When you are at your most mindful, your most fit, your most awesome, natural, butt-kicking, healthy self – you are experiencing synergy both within that amazing body and with this crazy world we live in. 

Synergy is pretty much when multiple parts interact to create a better result than they could if they didn’t interact; the results of the whole are simply better and stronger than the results of the individual parts. Synergy, as I am sure you guys can imagine, is so important to our physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellbeing. 

When it comes to health, multiple parts of our bodies work in tandem to achieve the amazing results we, as humans, are capable of experiencing. Unfortunately, it only takes one small cog malfunctioning in the human machine to wreak havoc on those amazing results. Today, we are going to look at two of those small – but wildly important – cogs. We are going to look at two vertebrae called Atlas and Axis. 

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

The upper cervical spine has a direct and powerful relationship with your central nervous system and brainstem. It has the tremendous task of protecting the body’s master control center and injuries to this area can be incredibly harmful to our health, physicality, and wellbeing. What we need in order to keep functioning at our strongest, most fit, and healthiest state is for these top vertebrae to remain in place. Keeping them in place will effectively prevent, and treat, a common cause of pain and discomfort so many of us, unfortunately — and unnecessarily — experience. Ensuring this alignment and physical synergy is exactly what an upper cervical chiropractor can do for you!

We need all our cogs in place to feel our very best. When we are in pain we aren’t ourselves- we aren’t being mindful, we aren’t being healthful, we aren’t moving at our strongest or most powerful. It is important to remember that we are strong and capable people, we have the ability to address all kinds of pain and discomfort, just through proper movement and nutrition, and with the help of all natural, drug-free, chiropractic adjustments. 

Upper cervical chiropractic care is a holistic, 100% NATURAL, and highly effective treatment that can ensure you are moving, exercising, and simply living, in a healthy, wholesome, and strong way. Why would we settle for anything less? We are strong, we are MINDFUL, and we want to live our best lives, helping others, helping ourselves, and kicking butt, all while experiencing synergy in every sense of the word. 

Benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Receiving upper cervical chiropractic care from an experienced professional not only has the power to treat potentially debilitating symptoms caused by misalignment but it also can alleviate chronic pain, improve your overall wellbeing, and prevent further health problems in the future. Living a STRONG and VIBRANT life can be achieved by anyone — as long as they are given the right support! 

If we want to function at our strongest and healthiest, we have to first understand how our bodies work. The brainstem controls many of our subconscious actions, like heart rate, balance, coordination, and even breathing. It’s truly incredible! Now, let’s learn about those important cogs we were talking about before — Atlas and Axis. 

The upper cervical spine surrounds the lower brainstem and extends down into the neck. The Atlas – or C1, as it is sometimes called – is the very first bone in the neck. It is immediately followed by the Axis – or C2 – which is the second bone. A subluxation is when you encounter a misalignment in the vertebrae. When these two vertebrae are misaligned, the brainstem can be badly affected. The good news is this can be easily corrected by an experienced upper cervical chiropractor.

The benefits of correcting the subluxation are enormous! Not only could you could begin to experience AMAZING pain relief, but you could also experience better sleep, a stronger immune system, more energy, and an improved mood– all through this natural and revitalizing practice. Chiropractic care is about YOU– it is about helping you function at your highest level in your physical, mental, and spiritual domains. It is about keeping you fit, healthy, and strong. 

Whether you’re in the gym, walking those dogs, running after those kids, or just getting through the daily grind — you can be doing it all at your strongest, fittest, and healthiest state! Be MINDFUL. Know your body. Know your needs. Know your resources. An experienced Upper Cervical Chiropractor is YOUR resource. 

So, one more time, what are the benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic care? 

  1. Pain Relief 
  2. Prevent future health issues 
  3. Better sleep
  4. Stronger Immune System
  5. Better mood 
  6. More energy 

About Dr. Anjannette Price, DC.

Dr. Anjannette Price has spent ten years not just helping, but healing patients from all different walks of life. She specialized in Upper Cervical Chiropractic when studying at Life Chiropractic College West; today she focuses predominantly on the Nervous System, with an emphasis on brainstem function. In her free time, Dr. Price travels abroad to provide free care to communities with limited access to such services. Most recently, she traveled to El Salvador and worked in a team setting to help more than 10,000 local people receive care.

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